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What we do

Checking the resume

We correct mistakes, we format your CV in a convenient form for the employer. We want you to find a job. For a fraction of a second, employers make a decision whether they are ready to consider your CV further, so your resume should look attractive.

Applying to the right jobs with your CV

Within 24 hours we select vacancies that are suitable according to your resume and wishes to the future employer. Your account manager applies to these positions with your resume.

Monitoring new job offers

Within 30 days we monitor all new vacancies that might be suitable for you. As soon as the employer publishes a new job that fits your criteria, we instantly send your resume to this company

THERE ARE MORE SUITABLE VACANCIES THAN YOU THINK, and  the main reason for the poor performance in self-searching for work is that most employers who are ready to invite you to a suitable position cannot do this because they are not aware of your existence.

This happens due to the fact that it is impossible to respond to more than a third of the vacancies you are interested in, even if you have enough free time and special tools.

Why trust us?

We are aware of all vacancies on the Internet

The employer publishes a vacancy and in a couple of minutes we are sending him your CV. The recruiter does not even have time to have a cup of coffee. It doesn’t matter where the vacancy has been posted – on a well-known job site or only on his corporate site, we will instantly find out about it and send your resume.

We are hardworking

We send your resume to a large number of companies. The more companies receive your resume, the more interview invitations you will get which means that you’ll have more options to choose a perfect job from. Our main task is not only to find you the right job, but also to give you the opportunity to choose the best option.

Application Tracking System Trap

All large companies use special software Application Tracking System. Often, your resume does not even get to the recruiter, as they do not pass the formal requirements. We know how to increase the chance that your resume will reach the right recruiter.

Individual approach to each client

The main guarantee of the quality of your employment is that your personal consultant is responsible for the result – an experienced employment specialist who is personally interested in actively promoting your candidacy and providing you with the best option for a new job.