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6 Months Prior To Enrollment

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Collecting documents

We have to apply for your student visa to the immigration bureau.
To do so, you must collect the necessary documents.

Please verify which document is needed.
After collecting, please send us the documents.

3-4 Months Prior To Enrollment

Application to the immigration bureau

Japan Tokyo International School apply to the immigration bureau for the certificate of eligibility.

25,000 yen are required to apply.

The result is supposed to be reported about 1 month prior to enrollment.

1 Month Prior To Enrollment

Payment of School fee

We send you the invoice of the school fee, after getting the certificate of the eligibility. You are supposed to pay all school fees for the first year (722,800 yen). After confirming that your payment has been completed, we will send you the original copy of the certificate. You have to take an interview at the embassy of Japan with the certificate.

The embassy of Japan

You are supposed to go to the embassy of Japan in your country, send in the certificate, and apply for student visa. After obtaining the student visa, you can arrange your ticket.

Just a few days prior to enrollment


We could arrange your accommodation if you want us to.

Entry to Japan

To Japan (airport)

Besides having a seal of landing verification stamped in their passports, mid- to long-term residents will be issued a resident card. Our school staff will go to pick you up at the airport. Our school staff will guide you to the dormitory and school.


The first day at School

Enrollment ceremony, orientation, and placement test are supposed to be held.

2 Weeks After Enrollment

National health insurance

Register your national health insurance at the ward office or city hall which has jurisdiction of your home or dormitory area. It takes approximately 2 weeks.

*School staff will accompany you.

1 month after enrollment

Work permit

You need to apply for work permit to do a part-time job. You may apply at the Port of entry or departure or immigration.

Part-time job hunting

Looking for a part-time job.
We will show you how to prepare the necessary documents and resumes.

*Our school staff will support you to find you the part-time job.

School life

-Class (Mon. to Fri.)
-Counsel for higher education (Once per 3 months)
-Counsel for life in Japan (Once per 3 months)
-part-time job Activities(facebook)
 schedule for a day

6 Months Prior To Graduation

Counsel for higher education

We hold regularly counsel for your higher education in Japan. 6 months prior to your graduation, we will search actively the best possibility for your higher education in Japan.
 More details

A few months prior to graduation

Examination passed

Doing visa extension process.

Graduation exercises